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I came here with leg pain and they helped me as much as they could to fix my herniation. I am very grateful for their help
- Hanna Niikura 2/07/2019

I've been seeing Dr. Golab for 2 months. He is Awesome. I went in having headaches everyday & my entire back hurt all the time. My headaches are gone & I move around easier. My back isn't 100% yet but we are definitely making progress. I highly recommend Dr. Golab. His associates are just as good.
- Kris Cantu 10/03/2018

Doctor Ronald Fielden in is a miracle worker. I had a sore back for 3 months. I thought we eye gong to have to get a new bed. I went in and he showed me on the X-ray that my left leg is shorter, and how it is causing the pain. He gave me show lifts and an adjustment. No more back aches !!!
- Kathy Mcpherson 3/12/2019

I LOVE Dr. Golab & his staff! I started going 6 years ago right after I had my 2nd baby - I took my 5 year old to start adjustments in hopes it would help her frequent ear infections and because she did a lot of dance & gymnastics. She loved it, and would ask me to go see him every time we were close to his office, so I decided to have adjustments, too. Dr. G also adjusted my baby, and every single time we'd come home and the baby would hit a new mobility milestone. He was sort of crawling slowly sideways and then, after an adjustment, crawled briskly across the floor. He also pulled up to stand after an appt, and then took his first step after another one. I was amazed how much better I felt after adjustments to my upper back and neck. Both kids continue to see Dr. G (it's time again) and look forward to their visits. Highly recommend him for his skill, personality, and ethics.
- Shari

I threw my back out one evening and by the next morning I could hardly walk. When I contacted Dr. Golab's office they were able to take me in as a first time patient that morning. I have been seeing Dr. Grimm for the last few weeks and feeling better and better. The staff are friendly and the facility is great. I highly recommend their services.
- Joe

I've known Dr. Golab for years and he's been adjusting me and making me feel better that whole time. He takes care of me like family. And knows exactly what you need. He takes the time to listen to you and responds accordingly. My whole family now comes here! I recommend him to all my friends. He's wonderful at what he does and he's a great person overall!
- Sara

I steam cleaned our carpet for the past 2 days and ended up with lower back pain and could barely walk! Went to see Dr. Brandon Grimm today and after an adjustment and therapy, I walked right out of his office pain free! Chiropractric care truly is effective and Dr. Grimm is awesome!
- Huong

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